Bearnard’s Book

Written by Deborah Underwood

February 5, 2019 from Godwin Books (Henry Holt and Co.)

When Bearnard gets an invitation to be in a book, it’s a dream come true! But as he reads up on what starring in a book might actually entail, he wonders if he’s not quite the right bear for the part. With the help of his friend Gertie, Bearnard discovers that to shine in his story, he just needs to be himself.

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Sakura's Cherry Blossoms 

Written by Robert Paul Weston

February 20, 2018 from Tundra (Penguin Random House Canada)

Sakura's dad gets a new job in America, so she and her parents make the move from their home in Japan. When she arrives in the States, most of all she misses her grandmother and the cherry blossom trees…

Available for pre-order at your local bookstores and online retailers.

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 Monster Trucks

Written by Joy Keller

August 29, 2017 from Godwin Books, Henry Holt & Co. (Macmillan)

Monsters get to work—paving roads, plowing snow, hauling muck—with their monster trucks in this fun, rhyming picture book. With a gentle bedtime ending, this not-too-scary story is perfect for young monster and truck lovers.

Available at your local bookstores, the Macmillan website, and other online retailers.



Snow White (Once Upon A World)

Written by Chloe Perkins

September 13, 2016 from Little Simon (Simon & Schuster)

The classic story of Snow White gets a fresh twist in this vibrant Japanese spin on the beloved fairy tale.

Available at your local bookstores, the Simon & Schuster website, and other online retailers.


Cantata Publishing 

Sing-along songs retold by Steven Anderson, Nicholas Ian, and Charles Ghigna

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and IndieBound